Collard Greens with Bacon and Yucan “Panko”

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I love me some veggies done simply (say, steamed with a drizzle of olive oil and apple cider vinegar or raw, in a salad). But we need to mix things up! So I am always, and I mean always, looking for ways to make my veggies more interesting and delicious. Take collard greens. While I love collard greens as wraps, I’m sometimes a bit befuddled about how to use as them as a main or side dish. But one ingredient I have no trouble finding ways to eat? BACON. So when I saw a Rachel Ray recipe for Collard Greens with Sausage and Panko, boom – the idea for this Collard Greens with Bacon and “Panko” was born!

This recipe features one very special ingredient: yucan crunch. Yucan crunch has become much beloved by the AIP community, and there’s an obvious reason why (OK, a few): it ROCKS!! In seriousness, this cracker has a great number of awesome qualities. For one, it’s versatile: I’m using it for panko here, but the list of possibilities is long: it has a nice heft to it, so you can add any number of toppings and it won’t crumble or fall apart. Think avocado and smoked salmon. Coconut manna and fresh berries. Its possibilities as a cracker are endless, really.

Beyond that, yucan crunch can be used as a topping for casseroles. A base for pizza. A breading for cutlets or pork chops. The list goes on!

This recipe would be a perfect side to accompany a simply-prepared protein like roasted chicken. You could also make it a meal simply by sauteing some butternut squash for a starchy veg. If you want to round out the flavor with something tart, you could add dried (unsweetened) cranberries. Alternatively, adding some sauteed cherries will add some sweet to this dish.

However you decide to eat this, enjoy!

What You’ll Need for This Recipe:

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Collard Greens with Bacon and "Panko"

Collard greens are tossed with bacon and a "panko" yucan crunch. Perfect as a side, or paired with a quick protein for a main meal!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes


  • 3 slices bacon
  • 3/4 cup crumbled yucan crunch (~1/2-3/4 sheet)
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 2-3 pinches sea salt
  • 9 cups collard greens
  • extra healthy fat, such as tallow, lard, coconut or duck fat (as needed, when cooking collards)


  1. Cook bacon until crispy. Set aside to cool

  2. In same pan, put crumbled yucan crunch and cook over medium heat until browned and crispy (~5-7 minutes)

  3. While yucan crunch is browning, cut up collard greens and measure out. Crumble bacon and put in medium bowl

  4. Add yucan crunch to bowl with bacon. Cook collard greens until wilted (add any fat if pan is dry and cover with lid to build steam).

  5. Put collard greens in bowl and toss well to coat.  Serve immediately, topping with fermented veggies if desired. *

Recipe Notes

*  If not serving right away, keep yucan crunch and bacon separate from the collard greens, so as to keep both crispy!

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